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Troubleshooting a PriceGrabber Data Feed

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If PriceGrabber is not listing your products, please try the following steps.

  1. In our site, go to My Account > Manage Feed > View Results, and check if the feed is being submitted successfully. If you see "success", then our system is successfully uploading the feed file to PriceGrabber's FTP server. They may still have problems processing the feed.
  2. Check if your PriceGrabber merchant account is set up according to these instructions: How do I set up my PriceGrabber merchant account?
  3. Contact your PriceGrabber representative and ask them if they are processing the file you are uploading by FTP, and not any files received from other sources. Also ask them if there are any issues with the file.


PriceGrabber Setup Guide

Lasted Updated: June 19, 2015