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BigCommerce Feed Setup - Step 2 of 3

Our system uses a product export in your BigCommerce store to quickly and efficiently retrieve your product data. Use the instructions below to set up the export.

  1. Log into your BigCommerce Store Control Panel as a store owner or admin.
  2. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Export Templates.
  3. Click Create an Export Template.
  4. In the Template Name box, enter "aten" without quotes.
  5. Under Export Options, uncheck all the boxes except Enable Products Exporting?.
  6. Under Product Export Options, check the box for Include Product Options?.
  7. Leave all other settings at defaults and then click Save & Exit.

If you have a very large store (over 100,000 products or over 2 GB export file size), you can improve performance of the feeds greatly by customizing the BigCommerce product export.


BigCommerce Shopping Feeds Setup Guide

Lasted Updated: February 2, 2018