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Automatic 'Smart' apparel attributes for Google Shopping feeds

Our feeds now support 'smart' apparel attributes, which greatly improve the data quality scores for apparel retailers.

These fields are computed from your product data using proprietary scoring algorithms, keyword lists, and parsing patterns refined over multiple apparel retailers. We studied the Google Product Feed specifications closely to get the best results.

These fields are completely automatic, and enabled by default on most feeds. Because this automatic optimization is the secret sauce of our system, we do not post too many details publicly. If you have more specific questions, please contact us.

For example, 'color' is often mapped to 'option_color' by most feed generators. In many cases, 'option_color' is blank because the product has no variations. This results in low data quality scores. Our system will search in other appropriate fields for valid color names if 'option_color' is not found.

Apparel Fields

Computed automatically
Computed automatically
Computed automatically
Computed automatically
Computed automatically
Computed automatically

Other Fields

UPON REQUEST: Chooses most appropriate product descriptive category from among all categories assigned to the item
UPON REQUEST: Automatically detects UPC/EAN, with auto-correction and check-digit validation