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How do I set up a feed for Bing Rich Captions or Product Listing Ads?

Use the instructions below to set up a Bing Rich Captions or Product Listing Ads feed for your store. If you have multiple stores, you can manage them all from within one Bing Ads account. (Bing Ads was previously known as Microsoft Adcenter.)

  1. Sign up for Bing Ads at Bing Ads.
    • Bing Shopping Merchant Portal is a sub-account of Microsoft Bing Ads
    • You will be required to enter a credit card, but you will not be charged anything unless you set up pay-per-click ad campaigns.
  2. Log in to Bing Ads
  3. A payment method must be registered under Accounts and Billing (even for free Rich Captions).
  4. Go to Tools > Bing Merchant Center
  5. Click the Create Store button.
  6. Enter your Store Name, Destination URL, and Store Description. Check the boxes to enable Product ads and/or Rich captions. (Do not check the Block aggregators checkbox.) Click the Save button.
  7. Click on the Catalog Management tab
  8. Click the Create Catalog button and enter the following settings:
    • Catalog name: Enter your store name
    • Enable Publishing: Checked
    • Enable API Management: Unchecked
      Note: Do not check this box or else the feed will not work.
    • Location: United States
    • How to submit catalog file: Upload file using FTP
    • File name: bingshopping
    • Offer Count: None
    • Click the Save button
  9. On the FTP Settings tab, enter an FTP login and password and click "Save".
    • You must define your own FTP login and password. We suggest that you use your store name as the login. The password must contain at least one number and one symbol, e.g. password1$
    • Make a note of the login/password, because you will need to enter that into the feed settings on our site.
    • The FTP login will not work until Bing approves your account.
  10. Log into our site and click My Account > Add Feed.
  11. Enter your Store Name, select the Bing Rich Captions/PLA Template, and click Create Feed.
  12. Continue to Modify Settings, and configure the Source parameters.
  13. Enter the FTP Username and FTP Password from the FTP Settings tab in your Bing Merchant account. Set the submission frequency to Daily. Click Update to save the settings.
  14. Run a submission task to perform your first upload.

How long does it take to get listed?

Prior to publication through Rich Captions/Product Ads all initial feeds must undergo and pass an editorial review. This process takes around three weeks. Accurate MPN/UPC data may speed up the process.

You will receive an email from Bing Ads once they activate your account. Please contact Bing Ads if you do not notice your Rich Captions/Product Ads offers publishing three weeks after you submitted your initial feed file.

Once your account is approved, it takes approximately three days for offers to publish through Rich Captions/Product Ads, then another 48 hours before impressions can be seen within the campaign.

Contacting Bing Ads Support

Please use the Bing Rich Captions Support Form if you have any questions about the status of your listings. They tend to be very responsive (within 1-2 business days).