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Automatic Image Resizing Service for Google Shopping Feeds - Sep 1, 2016
As of today, Google requires product images to be at least 100x100 pixels (250x250 for Apparel). Check your Google Merchant Center Diagnostics to see if you have any items with this error. We have a new Automatic Image Resizing Service that can provide Google with image links... Read More
Feed Issue Resolved - Jun 3, 2016
There was a network configuration issue from May 19-23, 2016 that caused a small number of feeds to be partially transmitted. This primarily affected Google Shopping feed files that are large and uncompressed. You may see a drop in your listing count or other submission error during... Read More
New Service Pricing - Mar 15, 2016
In the last two years, we have continued to improve our service. Here are some of the key improvements: Implemented character length limits for Google Shopping Upgraded Google, Bing, and other feed templates Added support for Facebook, Pricefalls, and Read More
Google Shopping expanded GTIN requirement - Mar 15, 2016
Last month, you may have received an email from Google Shopping with subject, "Google Shopping GTIN requirement expanding for Shopping Ads." Rather than trying to find a GTIN for all of your products, check your Google Merchant Account to see which items are flagged with a... Read More

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