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Customize the BigCommerce Product Export for Performance

Below is a list of fields you can uncheck to improve the performance of the BigCommerce product export. To access this list, click the Products tab when editing the export template in your BigCommerce store control panel.

The fields listed below are rarely, if ever, used for generating data feeds for the shopping channels. However, to maintain maximum flexibility for the future, you should only uncheck these if you are having problems with your feed.

Retail Price
Cost Price
Calculated Price
Low Stock Level
Product Inventoried
Sort Order
Product Not Visible
Product Availability
Minimum Purchase Quantity
Maximum Purchase Quantity
Free Shipping
Fixed Shipping Price
Brand + Name
Bin Picking Number
Show Product Condition
Product Tax Class
Avalara Product Tax Code
Redirect Old URL
Option Set   (keep for variant feeds)
Option Set Align
Stop Processing Rules
Product Custom Fields  (keep if enabled for your feed)
Product Images > Product Image ID
Product Images > Product Image File
Product Images > Product Image Path
Product Images > Product Image Description
Product Images > Product Image Index
  (Note: For Product Images, only URL and Is Thumbnail are needed)
Product Files
Shipping Groups
Origin Locations
Dimensional Rules
Event Date Required
Event Date Name
Event Date Is Limited
Event Date Start Date
Event Date End Date
MYOB Asset Acct
MYOB Income Acct
MYOB Expense Acct
Date Added
Date Modified

Unchecking the above fields may greatly increase the speed of the export, and reduce the file size.