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Press Release - Launch Yahoo to Froogle Feed

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Automated Froogle Feed Submission Service for Yahoo! Stores Launched

Somacon has launched a Yahoo! Store product feed submission service to Froogle. The service is web-based and fully-automated, as compared to existing submission products that are stand-alone software packages or custom services. Listing products in Froogle, Google's product search engine, is one method of search engine optimization for online merchants.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2004 -- Somacon is now offering a web-based service that allows Yahoo! Store owners to submit their products to Froogle. Somacon's Data Feed Service, located at, completely automates the submission process, and store owners simply must sign up for an account and complete some online forms. The service works for any of the thousands of merchants who use the Yahoo! Store platform for their online presence.

Froogle is Google's product search engine, and any online merchant can submit their products to the engine for free. Once accepted into Froogle's merchant program, the submission process requires technical knowledge for correct submission of product data, including description, price, and image URL. Product information may be submitted to Froogle's servers on a daily basis, and must be submitted at least once per month.

Previously, Yahoo! Store owners had to learn the technical specifications, use a software package to perform the submissions, or hire a developer. Software such as mySpotter FrooHoo and Don's Yahoo! Store Tool can translate the Yahoo! Store data and submit the product data feed. These products cost in the range of US$50.00 and require manually installing and running the software. Other custom services are provided by Yahoo! Store developers. By contrast, Somacon's new service is entirely web-based, and uses a pay-per-use pricing model.

The service currently charges US$0.20 per submission of unlimited products from one Yahoo! Store. Since a Yahoo! Store might require at most daily submission, the cost is at most US$6.20 per month during a thirty-one day month. The service automatically detects when product data has changed in the Yahoo! Store, and only submits on days when the data changes, thereby avoiding unnecessary charges. The service also includes features such as duplicate detection, product filtering, and flexible scheduling. The service has completed a live testing period, and dozens Yahoo! Store owners are successfully using the service to list their products in Froogle. As one happy customer remarked, "I checked Froogle today and the feeds are being accepted and the products are on Froogle. There are no errors with the feeds."

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