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Free Google Shopping Product Feed Generator Online

Use this free, online tool to add your products to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, or Facebook Product Ads. In just a few simple steps, you can generate a high-quality data feed file from your online store. Here is an overview:

  1. Fill out the short form below for your store platform:
    Free Shopify to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator - New! Optimized and re-tested in October 2023
    Free Turbify Store to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator
    Free Magento to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator
    Free BigCommerce to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator - Currently offline
  2. Check your email for a link to the feed file
  3. Register a feed with scheduled fetch in your Google Merchant Center account using the directions
  4. To refresh the feed, simply resubmit the form.


Premium feed generator
Feed is generated using the exact same code as our paid service
Unlimited products
The free Google feed supports unlimited products
Fixed/static data feed URL
No need to ever reconfigure feed settings
31-day availability
The URL will be active for 31 days from the last refresh
Unlimited manual refresh
You can refresh the feed once every 24 hours, for as long as you like
Error/warning handling
Items with errors/warnings are INCLUDED in the feed (NEW)
Use for any purpose
You can use the same feed for Bing Shopping, Facebook, etc.
Text/tab-delimited format
The feed is an Excel-compatible, UTF-8, tab-delimited text file
No marketing emails
Your email is only used to send you the link to the feed file


No technical support
We will not be able to help you resolve issues with the free service
No error reports
It is not possible to see the item errors and warnings
One refresh per day
The feed can only be refreshed once every 24 hrs
No automated refresh
You must manually refresh the feed after making changes to your catalog
No custom filters or fields
It is not possible to customize the feed

To work-around these limitations, register for a free trial of our paid feed service, which has a full-featured feed management dashboard, automated daily submission, and email/phone technical support.

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