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Recommended Data Feeds (PPC and Affiliate)

We recommend listing your products in the shopping sites listed below. This ranking of comparison shopping sites is based on the actual number of feeds that our customers have as of 2020, so it reflects popularity.

Best Shopping Channels for Merchants to List Their Products

  1. Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads) - Setup Instructions
    The largest comparison shopping engine (CSE) with high revenue and ROI.
    Pay as little as $0.01 per click
  2. Bing Shopping (Microsoft Advertising) - Setup Instructions
    Second largest search engine offers low-cost clicks
    Pay as little as $0.05 per click
  3. Facebook Product Ads - Setup Instructions
    Now in third place and fast growing. Advertise on the huge Facebook website.
  4. Shareasale - Setup Instructions
    A popular, commission-based/affiliate sales channel
  5. Pinterest Shopping - Setup Instructions
    Rapidly growing, fourth most-popular social media platform
  6. Connexity/Shopzilla - Setup Instructions
    Widespread distribution on Shopzilla, Bizrate, Pricegrabber,, and Yahoo Shopping
  7. Wholesale Central - Setup Instructions
    A well-known, specialized site for wholesalers.
  8. Commission Junction - Setup Instructions
    A commission-based/affiliate sales channel.

Recommended International Shopping Engines for Merchants

View our full list of supported shopping channels.

For traffic, revenue, conversion rate, cost of sale (COS), and other metrics, see CPC Strategy's latest Comparison Shopping Report.