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Services for Data Feeds

Get your data feed into tip-top shape by purchasing one of our optimization services for your store. Our software is specially-designed so that we can apply our highly specialized knowledge in data feed optimization techniques to your feed.

Feed Setup and Optimization - $49.00
We configure your shopping engine merchant account, add and submit your feed, check for errors, optimize your feed, and send you an optimization report.
Categorization Service - $29.00
We map your store's categories to the most appropriate Google Product Category, and maintain the assignment over time.
Custom Feed Service - Free quote
Customized data feed programming and services to meet your special requirements.
Yahoo Store Variant Feed Setup - $199.00
If you sell items that vary by size or color, we do custom programming to split your item listings by each variation and incorporate variant-specific data.
Legacy Yahoo Store RTML Installation - $99.00
For a Yahoo Legacy Store, we install our data exporter RTML template and optimize your feed so you can meet Google requirements.
Google Merchant Shipping Rate Setup - $199.00
We configure your Google Merchant Center shipping settings to match the shipping settings in your online store.

Other Services

If you would like any of the following services, please contact us and we can provide you with some referrals.

  • Yahoo store editor RTML programming
  • Keyword optimization or other copy-editing
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) campaign and bid management

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