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Aten Software Reviews and Customer References

Here you can find links to independent reviews and ratings, customer testimonials, and references for Aten Software's Google Shopping data feed service.

Customer Reviews

We never offer incentives to our customers to post reviews.

Note Regarding G2 Reviews: G2 is known to pay for reviews, and the reviews of our service there appear to be fraudulent and/or AI-generated. We recommend not to trust G2 reviews.

Customer Testimonials

K. Wittman, Owner, Wittmann Textiles Company, March 2015
I love working with you and the level of professionalism - I love your updates and appreciate very deeply all your efforts. Your Google and PriceGrabber category lookup are totally amazing and worth every penny. This tool saved me so much time!!! YOU ROCK!
db, Owner,, September 2013
I know a lot about Braille signs. Next to nothing about data feeds. I think small/micro business owners such as myself should know that Aten did not just take my money, push through the code, and say, "See you later!" Because there were problems. (Aren't there always problems?) Aten stayed with me through the process of getting my feed un-disapproved by the gods at Google. They took the time to answer all my questions, point me to solutions, suggest improvements I could make, and explained their work. Well worth the very reasonable price for the feed optimization and monthly rate.
Brad, CEO, Walkabout Travel Gear, March 2013
I really love your service and if you ever want to quote me as a happy customer please feel free to do so.
Gerry, Diecast Collectibles Plus, August 2011
Thanks for all of the efforts you've put into the Google Feed Analysis Tool. I've been using the tool constantly for the feeds we run thru and it's been extremely helpful. Much appreciated.
Anne,, September 2010
I’ve been extremely satisfied with the results of the Data Feeds for my store. Having my products added to TheFind and Bing (in addition to Google Products) has really helped my sales. Your service is very user-friendly, and I think it’s a great value. I would be glad to recommend Aten Software services to anyone with a Yahoo Store.
Wayland, Apex Superstores, June 2010
Great service. Easy to work with. No issues. Terrific customer service. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use your service. I appreciate how you are always so responsive and helpful. Keep up the good work!
C. Manni, Online Apparel Retailer, July 2009
Aten Software has been my SCE software provider for over a year. Before I was with Aten, I tried several other software packages (some big-name) with disappointing results. No other provider could compare in terms of product quality, service and outright results. The service is also incredibly affordable.
My CSE sales are now about 400% higher than before using Aten’s software, and they are still growing. To say that I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement!
Jeffrey Chen,, July 2009
Your services are definitely worth exploring for Yahoo! Store merchants. The feed is easy to use, the price is good, and your prompt response to any service issues is a plus.
Carlos Schweinfurth,, October 2006
I just wanted to write to say thank you. This is an amazing service. I don't know what I would have done if you did not provide the Yahoo! Store to Froogle conversion service. It's an amazing deal.

The testimonials above are unsolicited comments from our customers, and have been posted with their permission.

Customer References

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