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Testimonial for Aten Software's Product Data Feed Management by - Dec 14, 2023
In this blog post, we share a review from Couture Candy, one of the most trustworthy online retailers specializing in special occasion dresses. We are grateful that Couture Candy has used our feed service for over eight years, and provided this review voluntarily without exchange... Read More
Automated Feed Website Crawl vs File Upload in Google Merchant Center - Oct 2, 2023
In this blog post, we compare Google's Automated Feeds to File Uploads for submitting product data feeds to Google Merchant Center. Advantages of Google's Automated Feeds Wondering if the new, free Automated Feed feature by Google is worthwhile? Let's dig in to... Read More
Setting up Google Ads Bids by Product Price in Shopping Campaigns - Aug 25, 2023
The Problem of a Single Bid for All your Products When you first start with Google Ads, it is quick and easy (and therefore very tempting) to set a single bid for all your products, but is it smart? Think about the questions below to see if it is a good idea or not for your... Read More
How does BigCommerce Inventory Management work? - Jul 26, 2023
In this blog post: How does Inventory Management for BigCommerce save time? Who does not need Inventory Management? What does Inventory Management data look like? How does the merchant sync the inventory with a feed? What is needed to set up an Inventory... Read More
3 Facts about High Resolution Images in Shopping - Jun 30, 2023
High resolution images increase conversions According to a recent email from Google, "merchants who show consistent, high resolution images on their product listings see more engagement from their customers on Google Search." A quick Google Search for high resolution image... Read More

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