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FTP Password Reset Instructions - Dec 23, 2014
Detailed FTP password reset instructions for the most popular shopping engines are posted here: FTP Password Reset Instructions for Each Shopping Engine To view yesterday's announcement about the FTP password leak, see here: FTP Accounts Leak
FTP Accounts Leak - Dec 22, 2014
We have completed the investigation and found the source of the FTP username/password leak from last Friday. Unfortunately, it originated from our website. One page on our site had a "SQL injection" vulnerability, which allowed the hacker to obtain many of the FTP account server,... Read More
Google Merchant Center problem with data feed file: "ftpchk3.txt" - Dec 20, 2014
About 30 of our customers notified us that they received this message from Google around 5-6pm EST on 12/19/2014. Dear Google Merchant Center user,   On December 19, 2014 2:23:25 PM PST you uploaded to Google Merchant Center via FTP a file named "ftpchk3.txt", but you don't have a... Read More
Google Feed Character Length Limits - Sep 20, 2014
If you have a Google Shopping feed with us, we have modified it to comply with Google's new character length limits. Almost all the changes have been accommodated automatically, however, we recommend that you check your Google Validation Reports for any remaining issues. Currently,... Read More
Bing Feed Upgrade - May 4, 2014
If you have a Bing feed with us, it will be upgraded in the next few days to the latest specifications to support the new Bing Product Listing Ads. You do not need to take any action; this change will be implemented automatically. If you have a Custom Bing feed, we have already upgraded... Read More
Google Feed Upgrade - Apr 13, 2014
All feeds to Google Shopping will be upgraded in the next few days with the new Shopping Campaign attributes listed below. You do not need to take any action; this change will be implemented automatically. custom_label_0, custom_label_1, custom_label_2, custom_label_3, custom_label_4 -... Read More

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