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Free Features Included With our Standard Data Feed

Our Standard Data Feed is an all-inclusive service for a flat monthly rate with no contracts. We also offer Custom Data Feeds, which include the features below and include custom programming to handle specialized requirements.


Key Features

More Features

  • Fixed monthly fees; No contract; pay-as-you-go
  • Product Categorization Service (for an additional fee)
  • Google Validation Report that reports feed issues
  • Integration with Google and Yahoo Analytics
  • Works without Google/Yahoo account access or RTML installation
  • Feeds automatically updated to the latest specifications
  • Image URLs are submitted correctly
  • Free image hosting via redirection (not needed for most feeds)
  • Extensive documentation
  • Support for most popular store platforms
  • Monitoring for Google Shopping - daily check of active listing count
  • Feed Safeguard - helps prevent listing issues
  • Daily Plus Option - Up to hourly submissions

Your Account Features

These features are available by clicking My Account.

  • Add/modify/delete/pause/resume feeds any time
  • Submit and/or refresh a feed on-demand
  • Download your feed file
  • Get an HTTP URL/link to your feed
  • View product list and complete product details
  • Search your product list
  • Add filters to exclude products by any attribute
  • Add additional attributes to the feed
  • Map attributes to any data in your catalog
  • Quickly search for categories (shopping-engine specific)
  • and much more...