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About Us

Since 2004, we have been providing a data feed service that submits product listings to Google Shopping and other comparison shopping engines. Today, we submit millions of product listings on a daily basis, reliably connecting about seven e-commerce platforms to over twenty shopping destinations.

We are located in suburban Detroit, Michigan, and organized as a Michigan Limited Liability Company.

For more information, visit us on Facebook, view our Twitter feed, or check out our recent news.

Press Releases

January 2019
Press Release - Free Product Feed Generator for Google Shopping by Aten Software Released
February 2014
Press Release - Aten Software Celebrates 10 Years With New Data Feed Services
September 2012
Press Release - Bigcommerce Product Feed for Google Shopping and Bing Launched
April 2012
Press Release - New Features and Pricing for Data Feed to Google Product Search
August 2011
Press Release - Magento and AspDotNetStorefront Data Feed Services Launched
July 2009
Press Release - Launch Advanced Data Feed Service
December 2006
Press Release - Yahoo to Data Feed
September 2004
Press Release - Launch Yahoo to Froogle Feed

Radio Shows / Presentations

March 2013
Google Shopping Strategies Presentation
September 2012
Big Changes at Google Shopping - eCom Experts Transcript
October 2011
Why You Need Data Feeds - eCom Experts Transcript


  • December 2002 - Froogle released by Google, Inc.
  • May 2004 - Opened to the public as Somacon's Data Feed Service.
  • May 2006 - Reorganized as Aten Software LLC.
  • June 2006 - Froogle Merchant Center was merged into Google Base.
  • October 2006 - This service is submitting half a million products to Froogle/Google Base.
  • December 2006 - Announced data feed service
  • April 2007 - Froogle renamed to Google Product Search. Now submitting 700k products.
  • August 2008 - Now submitting 1.5 million products to Google Base, and offering a beta image hosting service and MSN Live ProductUpload data feed.
  • June 2009 - Feeds to anywhere with the new advanced data feed engine.
  • November 2010 - Submitting 3 million unique SKUs to all the major shopping engines.
  • August 2011 - Support for Magento and AspDotnetStorefront stores and new look for website
  • April 2012 - Submitting 5 million unique SKUs to all the major shopping engines.
  • September 2012 - Support for BigCommerce platform added.
  • December 2017 - Submitting 12 million unique SKUs to all the major shopping engines.
  • January 2019 - Launch our Free Google Shopping Product Feed Generator Online


Our B2B service is provided via our website using the software as a service (SaaS) model.

Aten was the sun god in ancient Egypt. The word is pronounced a-TEN.

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