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Troubleshoot Overwrite Permission Denied


When uploading a feed, the submission fails. The result of the processing request contains the error message, "Permission denied on server. (Overwrite)". The full error message may look like:

Error uploading to the FTP server. You can not overwrite a recently uploaded file. Allow 48 hours for the file to process. E_WARNING: ftp_put(): filename.txt: Permission denied on server. (Overwrite)


A file with the same name was previously uploaded, and that file has not yet been processed by the server. The FTP server does not allow overwriting (or deleting) the existing file.


There are three possible solutions.

1: Normal Circumstances

You must wait until Google Base processes the file, which also removes it from their FTP server. Simply retry the submission later.

2. Google Base System Issues

The official Google Base policy states that up to 48 hours are required to process a file. Sometimes the processing time is much longer due to system issues at Google Base. Check the Google Base Official Blog or the Discussion Board under Common Roadblocks for notices.

3: Persistent Errors

If there are no system issues and more than 48 hours have passed since the last upload, you may need to delete and recreate your data feed in Google Base. Below are the steps:

  1. Delete your existing data feed from Google Base. See How do I delete a data feed? for instructions.
  2. Register a new data feed in Google Base, with a different file name. See How do I register a data feed? for instructions.
  3. On our site, go to "My Account > Manage Feed > Modify Feed " for the affected feed, and update the file name.
  4. You can either wait until the next scheduled submission, or submit the feed immediately using the "Submit Processing Request" link under "Manage Feed". Remember to allow some time (up to 30 minutes) for a new data feed to be recognized.
  5. Check the status of the data feed in Google Base to verify that the feed is being uploaded successfully.

If you are continually receiving this error after deleting and recreating your data feed, please contact Google Base for additional support. You may also contact us if you need assistance.


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