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Press Release - Launch Advanced Data Feed Service

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Released at PRWeb on July 15, 2009.

Advanced Data Feed Service for Yahoo Stores Launched

Aten Software LLC now offers advanced data feed services for Yahoo Store owners. The service provides customizable data feeds to many different shopping search engines. These allow Yahoo Store merchants to easily and inexpensively promote their product listings.

(PRWEB) July 15, 2009 -- Aten Software LLC has upgraded their data feed service for Yahoo Store owners. The upgrade allows Yahoo Store merchants to submit their product listings to many different comparison shopping engines. Data feeds to the following twelve engines are already available: Amazon Product Ads, BuySafe, ClixGalore, Google Base/Google Product Search, NexTag, PriceGrabber, Pronto, Shareasale,, Shopzilla, Sortprice, and TheFind. The data feeds can be easily customized, allowing for optimization to particular search engines.

The new data feeds are offered in two tiers, Basic and Advanced. Basic data feeds are provided as standardized data feed templates for each shopping engine. The Basic data feed templates can not be modified, but they can be extended with additional attributes. Advanced data feeds are fully customizable, allowing the name and contents of each attribute to be changed. Furthermore, Advanced data feeds can contain custom-programmed attributes. Attributes can be programmed that strip boilerplate text, extract attributes from descriptions, or translate merchant categories to the search engine’s taxonomy. Such changes can dramatically improve the quality and ranking of product listings.

Other data feed providers, such as Singlefeed, SolidCactus, and Godatafeed, generally offer their services for a fixed, flat rate. By comparison, Aten Software’s à la carte service model charges clients in micro-payments of $0.25 for each individual data feed submission of unlimited products from one store. An additional daily service fee of $0.20 (about $6.00/month) is charged for account maintenance. This ensures that, beyond account maintenance, clients only pay for what they use. All new accounts begin with a credit of $10.00, allowing for a no-obligation, free trial period. Basic data feeds, which are optimal for the majority of merchants, have no additional maintenance charges. Advanced data feeds are billed $0.25/day (about $7.50/month).

The new feed engine builds upon the features of the previous one. It continues to offer features such as easy setup, product filtering, duplicate exclusion, support for unlimited products and stores, submission auto-skip, compatibility with legacy Yahoo stores, and display URL conversion. New enhancements include file compression, improved handling of character sets, and separate submission of product path and option keywords.

Management of the data feeds is entirely web-based, and no software need be installed by clients on their desktop or in their Yahoo Store. The management interface has also received a face-lift, with an auto-completing product search and a WYSIWYG product list. This allows merchants to view their product listings exactly as they will be submitted to the search engine. Products can be excluded from the feed with a single click, allowing low-margin products to be easily filtered from CPC-based shopping engines.

Aten Software’s system currently processes approximately 1.5 million products for many Yahoo store owners. The system’s ease-of-use and inexpensiveness were commented upon by V. Hoang, owner of, when he remarked, "Thank you for the great service, it’s been a bargain to use your service and it’s one of the easiest and hassle-free feed services around." C. Manni, from an online apparel retailer, commented, "I tried several other software packages (some big-name) with disappointing results. My CSE sales are now about 400% higher than before using Aten”s software, and they are still growing. To say that I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement!"

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