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Important Billing Terms

Accounts are pre-funded via an accepted payment method, and then fees are deducted from the credit balance in your account. When your credit balance runs low, our system will email you a link to purchase more credit. Our system does not collect or store your credit card information, and it does not bill automatically.

You can purchase any amount of credit subject to a one-month minimum purchase. The one-month minimum purchase is equivalent to your current monthly service charges rounded up to the nearest ten dollars.

Only the first, active feed in your account, whether Custom or Standard, will be charged at the full price. All other active feeds are charged at the 'Additional' price.

Monthly fees are deducted from your credit balance in even, daily increments. On the last day of each month, the fee for that day may be adjusted slightly to compensate for the number of days in the month.

The fees for a particular data feed are suspended automatically if there are no processing tasks (of any kind) for that feed for 30 days. This allows you to have old, unused feeds in your account without charge.

Your account will be deemed abandoned after 360 days of no account transactions or logins. Upon abandonment, any unused credit balance will be forfeited. You can request a full refund of unused credit balance at any time prior to this.