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Updated Articles

Recently updated support articles are listed below.

Article Modified
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Google Merchant Center Phone Number, Chat, and Email Contact FormsMar 18, 2020
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Advantages of our feed vs. the one provided by BigCommerce or ShopifyMar 9, 2020
BigCommerce Store API Account Setup (OAuth Token)Mar 9, 2020
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Step 2: Set up your Store Source SettingsMar 9, 2020
Where to find your BigCommerce Store HashMar 9, 2020
Pepperjam Product Feed Setup InstructionsFeb 29, 2020
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Shoptab Categories and Facebook Shoptab Data Feed SetupFeb 29, 2020
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3dcart Product Data Feed to Google Shopping and MoreFeb 29, 2020
Analytics Tracking Code ReferenceFeb 29, 2020
How do I resolve "No items inserted" or "Internal error" emails?Feb 29, 2020
Export All Products via Magento APIFeb 29, 2020
How to grant access to a specific Amazon S3 bucketFeb 29, 2020
How to give us access to upload your Amazon feed via Amazon MWSFeb 29, 2020
ClixGalore Auto-Upload SettingsFeb 29, 2020
Magento Extension InstallationFeb 29, 2020
Configure Feed Source Settings for Magento Connect ExtensionFeb 29, 2020
Alternate: Google Sitemap Verification via META tags for Yahoo StoreFeb 29, 2020
Legacy Yahoo Store RTML Template to Export Custom Attributes as CSVFeb 29, 2020
Automatic item updates with microdataFeb 29, 2020
Power Tips for Yahoo Store MerchantsFeb 29, 2020
How do I add custom fields to a legacy Yahoo store?Feb 29, 2020