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Updated Articles

Recently updated support articles are listed below.

Article Modified
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Do you support a Newegg Business data feed?Nov 21, 2018
Pepperjam Product Feed Setup InstructionsNov 19, 2018
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How to hide Custom Fields from BigCommerce product pagesOct 22, 2018
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How do I set up a feed for Bing Product Ads (Bing Shopping)?Oct 2, 2018
Can I backup, download, or export all my Yahoo store images?Sep 26, 2018
Why is my item or product missing from Google Shopping?Sep 18, 2018
PPC/CPC Google Shopping Campaign Management CompaniesAug 2, 2018
How do I configure free shipping for Google Shopping?Jul 10, 2018
Step 1: Register a Data Feed in your Google Merchant Center AccountJun 19, 2018
Step 3: Add a Data Feed for Google ShoppingMay 19, 2018
What should be my data feed settings in Google Merchant Center?May 19, 2018
Yahoo Store product name/title contains path/category prefixMay 11, 2018
How to grant Standard User access to a Google Merchant Center accountMay 11, 2018
Why am I receiving Low Credit Notice emails?May 1, 2018
Simple programmed rules for Standard FeedsApr 29, 2018
BigCommerce vs Yahoo Store vs Magento vs Volusion ComparisonApr 21, 2018
Submitting duplicate copy of store to shopping engines is not allowedMar 27, 2018
How should I configure the brand, MPN, and GTIN/UPC fields?Mar 27, 2018
How do I submit, upload, or refresh a data feed?Mar 11, 2018
What payment methods do you accept?Mar 2, 2018
Why do you use FTP instead of SFTP to upload the feeds?Mar 2, 2018
Resolving character encoding issues in your data feed.Feb 28, 2018
Item Error and Warning HelpFeb 28, 2018
How to give us access to upload your Amazon feed via Amazon MWSFeb 28, 2018
Error images (all red square images) in Yahoo Store feedsFeb 28, 2018
HeidiSQL Setup and Usage Instructions for Custom FeedsFeb 28, 2018
Analytics Tracking Code ReferenceFeb 28, 2018
International Google Shopping Feeds to the UK and Other CountriesFeb 28, 2018
Why doesn't Google Shopping show all my results?Feb 28, 2018
How to set up a custom sub-domain for Amazon S3 hosted imagesFeb 28, 2018
Google Product Category and Product Type attributesFeb 28, 2018