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Free Shopify to Google Shopping Product Feed Generator

This Free Google Shopping Feed Generator supports unlimited products, just like our Shopify data feed service that powers it! A feed file URL is sent to you via email, and available for 31 days.

  1. Enter your email address:

    Only used to send you the link to the feed file. No spam or marketing.
  2. Enter your shop name:

    Enter, or simply acme-store.
  3. Get a shop token

    This gives us read-only API access to your product catalog.
  4. Select a Default Google Product Category:
    Assigned to products for which a category can not be found. Select a general category that applies to all or most of your items.
  5. You made it! Click here to submit the request:

    Your request will process in the background.
    When finished, you will receive an email with a link to the feed.

For Best Results

  • Products with any of the following data missing will be filtered out: SKU, Title, Image, Product Type, and Vendor.
  • For many items, Google requires a Barcode too.
  • For Apparel & Accessories, you will need options named size and color, and meta-fields with namespace set to google, and key set to age_group and gender.
  • Our paid feed service is much more flexible!

About Our Feed Service

Our paid feed service is a flat rate of $24.90/month for unlimited products, and provides you with technical support and a full-featured dashboard. Register for a 30-day free trial to get all these benefits:

  1. Save your feed settings
  2. Unlimited manual submissions with status and history
  3. Daily, automated submission by FTP
  4. Experienced email and phone tech. support
  5. Setup and optimization assistance
  6. Add and configure feed fields
  7. Filter or exclude products by any field
  8. Validation report
  9. Active listing count monitoring

Check out the Complete Feature List or Sign-up Now


Feel free to leave this page and return as you wish. Data entered in the form will be saved up to 16 hours as long as you use the same web browser.