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Step 3: Set up a Connexity / PriceGrabber Merchant Account

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  1. Log into your Connexity / PriceGrabber merchant account.
  2. Go to Your Account > Feed Format and make the following selections:
  3. Do you have a product feed - Yes
  4. Is the feed visible from a website / URL - No
  5. Would you like PriceGrabber to pull the feed from your FTP? - No
  6. Is your complete feed larger than 8Mb - Yes/Maybe
  7. Enter the file name as it is set up on the Modify Feed page.
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Submit the feed from our site.
  10. Contact your PriceGrabber account representative to let them know you have modified your feed settings.


PriceGrabber Setup Guide

Lasted Updated: February 4, 2018