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How do I set up a TheFind data feed?

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TheFind is a comparison shopping engine with about five million unique visitors per month, on par with and Shopzilla. The best part is that there is no charge for their merchant program. This is a great way to promote your products for free.

  1. Create your TheFind merchant account.
    1. Go to - TheFind Merchant Center and follow the instructions to create a Merchant Account.
    2. Make sure to follow the instructions to 'Verify' your store.
    3. Yahoo Store Tip: From your store editor, click the 'Variables' link. Then, at the bottom of the footer field, add the verification or banner code provided by TheFind. Publish the store and verify that the code appears.
  2. Create your product feed settings.
    1. Log into your - TheFind Merchant Account.
    2. Click on the store name to go to the dashboard for that store.
    3. Click on the 'Product Feed Upload' menu item.
    4. Enter the following settings and click 'Save'.
      • Feed Format = GoogleBase
      • File Type = .zip
      • Upload Method = FTP
      • Create a password: = Define your own password. Here is a random password for your convenience: e5y9dh71
      • Email Notification Frequency = Always (You can change this to 'Only with Error' once it is working.)
      • Email Address for feed notifications = Enter your email address
      • Target Country = United States
  3. Click on the Sales Tax Info tab and add your sales tax information.
  4. Click on the Shipping Rates tab and add your shipping cost information.
  5. Add a feed in your Aten account.
    1. Go to My Account > Add Feed
    2. Enter your store name, choose the TheFind template, and click the Create Feed button.
    3. Configure the feed settings from Manage Feed > Modify Settings
    4. Enter export Urls and enter the FTP username/password you created in section III, and click 'Update'.
    5. Go to the 'Tasks > Submit a Tasks' menu and click the 'Submit' button.
  6. TheFind says that feed processing will take about three business days. Login to your TheFind merchant account and select Product Feed Upload to check for updates. They also provide an option to receive notifications on feed status.

For more information on TheFind, you may find the links below helpful.

  • - TheFind Merchant FAQ
  • - TheFind Merchant Help
  • - TheFind Data Feed Specifications and Formatting Instructions - Use for optimizing


TheFind Data Feed

Lasted Updated: February 4, 2018