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How do I set up a Pricewatch data feed?

  1. Visit and apply for a dealer account.
  2. Wait for Pricewatch to approve your account.
  1. Login to our site and add a feed using the Pricewatch template.
  2. Enter the objinfo.xml URL and optionally, the catalog.xml URL.
  3. Click 'Update' to save the settings.
  4. You may need to configure your fields to correctly submit manufacturer and manufacturer part number information. You can do that on the "Manage Feed > Define Fields" page.
  5. Go to "Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File".
  6. Select the "File URL" setting and copy it for later use.
  7. Use the link to generate a data feed file if it does not exist.
  8. Login to your Pricewatch Dealer/Merchant account and click the "Fileimport" button in the top menu bar.
  9. Paste the File URL in the "Enter file location here (URL) " box, check the box labeled "Enable file retrieval and price updating ", and then click "Submit File URL". Do not check the box labeled, "Delete all Price Watch ads not found in file."
  1. Contact Pricewatch to make sure the listings are being received correctly.


Pricewatch Data Feed

Updated: December 16, 2010