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If you meet the requirements below, then we can set up a Marketplace Inventory Feed. This type of feed tells which items you sell, the item condition, the qty you have available, shipping costs, and the price.

  1. Each product must have a UPC code
  2. Each product must already exist in the Marketplace now supports automated upload of data feed files via FTP from our server.

Please contact us for a quote to set up a Inventory Listings feed. may require you to list a certain minimum number of unique SKUs with a New SKU feed (described below) before allowing you to set up an Inventory feed.

New SKU Feeds

If your items are not in the Marketplace already, then you need to submit a New SKU Feed. This feed tells all the product details for your items, like title, description, image, UPC, manufacturer, manufacturer-part-number, price, and qty on hand.

The following attributes are mandatory at the item level:

  1. category ID
  2. GTIN (i.e. UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.)
  3. manufacturer (or brand)
  4. manufacturer part number
  5. image - minimum 500x500px, white background, no additional text

Some categories have mandatory category-specific attributes as well. For example, for vacuum cleaners, there is a 'vacuum_cleaner_type' attribute. It is required, and you must specify one of their predefined values like 'upright', 'canister', 'portable', etc.

Refer to the Category Attributes documentation for your category. The attributes listed in square brackets are mandatory. For each attribute, you must provide one of the values listed in the Attributes section of the document.

For example, in the Sports category, the Ice Hockey > Goalie Skates sub-category has a category ID of 14988. One of the mandatory attributes for this sub-category is Gender. The Gender attribute only accepts values of Female or Male.

Please contact us for a quote to set up a New SKU Feed.


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Updated: September 27, 2013