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How do I set up my eBay Commerce Network merchant account?

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  1. Open a merchant account at eBay Commerce Network (previously known as
  2. Navigate to Datafeeds > Submit Datafeed.
  3. Select Upload your datafeed to the eBay Commerce Network via FTP (Recommended)
  4. In the Enter your datafeed file name box, enter
  5. Copy the FTP username and password into the Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings in your Aten Software account.
  6. From your Aten Software account, run a Submit task to upload your feed
  7. Return to the eBay Commerce Network account and click Continue.
  8. On the Map datafeed page, select Custom for the Format attribute, and then click Continue
  9. On the Enter Info. page, define your shipping rates and tax rates as needed. Select Other feed provider and click Continue.
  10. Navigate to Datafeeds > Your Products after some time to see the status of the listings.
  11. We also recommend that you subscribe to the optimization report under Datafeeds > Subscribe to Optimization Report.
  12. Don't forget to set up and fund your eBay Commerce Network Merchant Account.


eBay Commerce Network Data Feed

Lasted Updated: October 2, 2018