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Google Product Ads Disapproved in Google Merchant Center

If you have item listings that are disapproved for Product Ads, it only affects the ad campaigns in Google Adwords that are based on the your item listings. If you are not advertising with Adwords this way, then these disapproval messages are irrelevant and do not affect your listings in Google Shopping.

Product Ads may appear as disapproved in your GMA Diagnostics. If you have disapproved items, a red line will appear in the Products Overview > Product Ads Chart. When you hover your mouse over the line, the number of disapproved items will appear.

Reasons for Disapproved Product Ads

  • Google may not yet have reviewed the Product Ads for compliance with Adwords policies
  • There is no Adwords campaign with a product target matching the listings
  • Product Ads may have failed the review, especially due to violations of strict rules for trademarked terms

To find out the cause of the disapproval, you generally need to contact Google using the GMA Contact Form for Disapproved Items. Note that they generally reply with a canned response at first, but if you reply back, they should clarify the issue.


Google Merchant Center Suspended Fixes

Lasted Updated: February 4, 2018