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How to use Microsoft Access as a front-end for a MySQL Database

To connect Microsoft Access (MS Access) to the edit tables in a MySQL database, you will need to download and install the MySQL ODBC Connector. Look for the Connector/ODBC 5.1.11 MSI Download for your platform.

Then, use these instructions for the setup: Using Microsoft Access as a Front-end to MySQL

Use the instructions here to set up the data source: Configuring a Connector/ODBC DSN on Windows

Here is the information you need to set up the data source:

  • Data Source Name: Edit Tables on Aten
  • Description: (leave blank)
  • Server:
  • User: (provided by email)
  • Password: (provided by email)
  • Database: (provided by email)

Microsoft Access crashes when linking tables if the name of the MySQL table is too long. We will set up your tables with short names (less than ~15 characters) to avoid this. Each table also needs to have a primary key defined.


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Updated: August 12, 2020