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3dcart Product Data Feed to Google Shopping and More

We support 3dcart data feeds to shopping engines.

You must set up a product export from your 3dcart store of all product data, scheduled to run daily.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Go to Products > Export/Import
  3. Click the Schedule button for the Products export.
  4. Select the settings listed below:
    • Enabled - checked
    • File Name - products.csv
    • Schedule - every 24 h at 1:00:00
    • Action - Save File (Folder: assets/exports/)
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
  6. If applicable, repeat the above steps for Product Options, and set the file name to productoptions.csv.
  7. If applicable, repeat the above steps for Bulk Pricing, and set the file name to bulkpricing.csv.

After you set up the product export, you can set up the feed in your account using these instructions:

  1. Go to My Account > Add Feed
  2. Select the appropriate template and add the feed.
  3. Go to Manage Feed > Modify Settings
  4. Replace YOURDOMAINHERE with your store's domain. The URL will look like this:

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a 3dcart feed set up for you.


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Lasted Updated: April 24, 2018