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Volusion Deal of the Day Pricing (QueryBank QB) Saved Export

If you use the Deal of the Day marketing feature in Volusion, you will need to do some additional configuration so our system can obtain accurate pricing for your products.

  1. Log into your Volusion Store Administration
  2. Go to Inventory > Import/Export
  3. Select Saved Exports
  4. Click Add New Query
  5. Enter the following data:
    • QB (QueryBank) Customer ID: 0
    • QB Access List: Select the user who will run the export and click the right arrow to move it to the Selected box
    • QB Table: DB_EXPORT
    • QB Title: DealsOfTheDay
    • QB Query:
      SELECT Products.ProductCode, DealsOfTheDay.*
      FROM DealsOfTheDay
      INNER JOIN Products ON
      Products.ProductID = DealsOfTheDay.ProductID
    • QB Export File Type: CSV
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Contact us to enable the DealOfTheDay pricing integration on your feed.

The user must have the following permissions: Products, Export, LoginAsCustomer, LiveEdit


Volusion Product Data Feeds Setup Guide

Lasted Updated: October 24, 2017