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Agency Partner Terms and Conditions

An Agency Partner is any registered user of our service with active feeds representing more than ten (10) distinct stores, where each store is owned by a different legal entity.

Agency Partner accounts have the same per feed monthly pricing listed on our Pricing page, but have a higher service level.

These Terms and Conditions herein extend the general Terms and Conditions for the service.

Below is a description of the services included for Agency Partner accounts.

  1. The one-time fee for Feed Setup and Optimization is waived on up to three feeds to any customer referred by the Agency Partner to Aten Software for their feed services. This also applies in the case where the customer discontinues services with the Agency Partner and requests to use Aten Software data feed services directly.
  2. The support response time goal of one to two business days is the same as for all other accounts, but response to Agency Partners will be prioritized.
  3. A minimum of thirty (30) days notice will be provided in case of termination of the account for any reason, including the sale of Aten Software to another company, or Aten Software business closure.
  4. Individual feeds and/or services may be shut off in case of excessive system resources usage, unusual activity, and/or suspicious activity, without advance notice. Notice will be provided after.
  5. Additional services that may be offered on a case-by-case basis include:
    1. Streamlined and agency-specific onboarding instructions and account pages
    2. A limited amount of free setups/programming
    3. Customizations and new feature additions to the account
    4. Twice per day feed updates
  6. The Agency Partner may request a free quote for all other custom work.


Agency Partner Accounts

Lasted Updated: September 22, 2022