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What data do you import from Shopify?

Our system imports all products with published_status set to 'published', along with their variations, returned by the products.json REST API endpoint.

Availability (in stock/out of stock) is computed automatically and correctly.

All product data is imported by default.

Our system is capable of importing a wide variety of additional product-related data for special cases, such as:

  • Product-level meta-fields (imported by default)
  • Variant-level meta-fields
  • Publication IDs (via GraphQL)
  • Smart collections
  • Custom collections
  • Shop locales
  • Language translations
  • Inventory item cost
  • Shopify global currency exchange rates (via HTTPS)
  • Product category/Standardized product type (via GraphQL)
  • Shop information

Currently, the data is imported using a combination of REST API and GraphQL API calls. Coming soon, all data will be imported by the first-class GraphQL API of the latest revision.


Shopify Product Data Feeds

Updated: June 3, 2024