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ShareASale Data Feed

How do I set up a ShareASale data feed?
  1. From My Account > Add Feed, create a ShareASale feed for your store and configure the settings. Leave the FTP Username, Password, and Server at their default values for now.
  2. From Manage > Define Fields, edit the Merchant ID field and enter your ShareASale Merchant ID in the Value box. You can obtain your Merchant ID by logging into your ShareASale account and looking in the header of the page.
  3. From Manage > Define Fields, edit the Category and Sub-category fields (not Merchant Category). Look up the appropriate number from the ShareASale data feed file format specification, and enter it in the Default Value box. You must supply both the category number and sub-category number.
    For example:
    Category: DefaultValue = 6, CatalogField = blank
    Subcategory: DefaultValue = 47, CatalogField = blank
  4. If you have multiple categories of products, add a custom field to your store catalog and populate it with the category numbers. Enter the name of this custom field in the Catalog Field box.
How do I set up my ShareASale merchant account?
  1. Once you have configured your data feed in our system, generate the data feed file from the "Manage > Download Data Feed File" page.
  2. Download the file and upload it manually via your ShareASale account under My Creatives > Datafeed > Upload a New Datafeed. (You only have to do this the first time.)
  3. Once that is done, you need to email ShareASale the following message:
    I have uploaded my first data feed file for your review. I would like to receive instructions on uploading the file via FTP upload. The server from which the file will be uploaded has an IP address of
  4. You will receive an email with an FTP Username and Password. Enter those and set an update frequency in the "Manage > Modify Settings" page of our site. ShareASale now support up to Daily submissions.
  5. Go to "Manage > Advanced Settings" and set the FTP Initial Directory to the directory emailed to you by ShareASale. (If available, Image Hosting will be enabled, and is highly recommended for ShareASale data feeds.)
  6. Run a Submission to test that the settings are working correctly.

Multiple Stores

If you have multiple stores in your ShareASale merchant account, please contact us so we can add the StoreID field to your feeds. Also, you can contact ShareASale to increase your feed upload limit to 31 uploads/month per store.