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Catalog-on-Demand® Data Feed

How do I set up a Catalog-on-Demand data feed?

On our Site

  1. Go to My Account on our site
  2. Click Add Feed
  3. Select your store platform, the Catalog-on-Demand Template, and then click Create Feed
  4. Continue to Modify Settings
  5. Enter the Source settings, leave the FTP Settings blank, and click Update. Note: This feed is not uploaded by FTP.
  6. Go to Manage Feed > Submit a Task and click Refresh
  7. Go to Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File and copy the File URL setting to your clipboard for use in a later step.

On the Catalog-on-Demand Site

  1. Sign up with Catalog-on-Demand - Registration is free
  2. Send a message via their help desk and they will manually activate your 6-month free trial (if available)
  3. Click on Account
  4. In the Automated Data Import Setup section, select the following:
    • Import type: Catalog-on-Demand data file
    • Data file/archive URL: Paste the data feed File URL from our system that you copied in a previous step
    • Encoding: UTF-8, 8-bit UCS Transformation Format (default)
    • Auto Start Time of Day: 8:00
    • Auto Start Days of Week: Check all the boxes
  5. Click the Create Data Import Setup button, then click OK when prompted
  6. Click the Import Now button.
  7. Click the History button
  8. Wait 2-5 minutes and click Refresh until the status of the Data File Import changes from in progress to completed

Designing your PDF Catalog

  1. Click on Choose Design. It is best to start with the simplest brochure — Ironwood Brochure A. Then, read the help icons on each of the configuration pages.
  2. We recommend running lots of test jobs. It is best to make test jobs very short, say 5 products or so. That gives you a faster turnaround time. Also, small jobs are easier to troubleshoot. You can choose products to include in your catalog via the Catalog-on-demand website.
  3. For additional assistance, go to the Catalog-on-Demand Support page. From there, you will find manuals and a link to the Ask for Help contact form.
What are the benefits of PDF catalogs and flyers for my online store?

A PDF catalog, brochure, or single-product flyer is specifically formatted for print, making it an invaluable aid for your customers while they make their buying decision.

Printed flyers help your customer's compare products more easily, share product pictures and information with others, and they are often more convenient than a computer.

The PDF contains QR-codes so that visitors can access your store with a simple scan from their smart phone. The QR-codes will take the visitor directly to the product page, saving them navigation, and you will be able to track the hits.

Printed catalogs promote your brand and increase your credibility, which can help you increase market share and build relationships with your customers.