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Ebay Data Feed

Can you submit my eBay Store listings to Google Shopping?

Google Shopping no longer accepts eBay product listings directly from individual eBay sellers. You must rely on the automatic data feed provided by eBay.

eBay is considered a marketplace. This means that sellers items are listed under the domain. For example, Acme Store's eBay Store might have a website URL like

Google Shopping requires that marketplace listings be submitted by the marketplace itself, and not by the individual sellers in the marketplace. This is described in Google Merchant Center Help: About Marketplaces.

Please contact eBay directly regarding your listings in Google Shopping.

Can you upload my items to eBay?

We do not support bulk listing uploads to eBay due to its complex nature.

However, there is software out there that can upload a CSV (tab-delimited or comma-delimited text) file containing product information into eBay - please search in Google.

If you can provide us a working, sample CSV file for whatever eBay software you choose, we can give you a quote to implement a feed that generates that CSV file automatically from your product data. You can then use the software you chose to actually manage the eBay listings.