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eBay Commerce Network Data Feed

Can I submit a Yahoo Store directly to eBay Commerce Network?

eBay Commerce Network ( can read your product listings directly from your Yahoo Store. However, there may be advantages to using our feed service rather than the automatic feed.

  • You can exclude low-margin products from submission to save on unwanted clicks.
  • Our system can properly map your Yahoo Store catalog data to the feed's attribute list. Properly submitting the recommended data may result in improved ranking.
  • Use our Custom feeds to customize the output from your Yahoo Store.
  • You can rely on our technical support in case of any problems.
How do I set up my eBay Commerce Network merchant account?
  1. Open a merchant account at eBay Commerce Network (previously known as
  2. Navigate to Datafeeds > Submit Datafeed.
  3. Select Upload your datafeed to the eBay Commerce Network via FTP (Recommended)
  4. In the Enter your datafeed file name box, enter
  5. Copy the FTP username and password into the Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings in your Aten Software account.
  6. From your Aten Software account, run a Submit task to upload your feed
  7. Return to the eBay Commerce Network account and click Continue.
  8. On the Map datafeed page, select Custom for the Format attribute, and then click Continue
  9. On the Enter Info. page, define your shipping rates and tax rates as needed. Select Other feed provider and click Continue.
  10. Navigate to Datafeeds > Your Products after some time to see the status of the listings.
  11. We also recommend that you subscribe to the optimization report under Datafeeds > Subscribe to Optimization Report.
  12. Don't forget to set up and fund your eBay Commerce Network Merchant Account.
How do I optimize my eBay Commerce Network data feed?

To keep CPC costs low, you can use product filters to filter out non-performing items, or items under a certain price. As an example, you can filter out a product if it does not yield any sales within 50 clicks.

Review the eBay Commerce Network data feed specifications, and submit any additional attributes as recommended by them. Recommended Attributes
Recommended Attributes for Optimization, Source:

Why don't my prices or shipping costs display correctly on displays prices based on the location that is entered by the user browsing the site (signed-in or not). In some states, the price may include sales tax, and shipping may be calculated based on the user's location.

How to I remap my feed in eBay Commerce Network?

After adding or removing fields in you eBay Commerce Network ( data feed, you must remap the columns in your eBay Commerce Network Merchant Account in order for them to recognize the changes. This is very simple to do. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Log into our system and resubmit your feed.
  2. Log into your eBay Commerce Network Merchant Account
  3. Click on the Products tab
  4. Click on the Submit Datafeed sub-tab
  5. Click on the Almost there! Map datafeed columns button at the bottom of the page
  6. On the field mapping page, scroll down to the Format field and select Custom from the drop-down box.
  7. All other fields should be pre-configured, so just click the Continue button on the bottom of the page
  8. You should see a message saying Your changes have been saved. This completes the procedure.

Reference: ECN Merchant Help Center.