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Commission Junction Data Feed

How do I set up a Commission Junction ( data feed?

Register Feed in

  1. Log In To Your CJ Affiliate Account
  2. Navigate to Links > Feeds
  3. Click the Register Product Feed button
  4. Enter the following settings:
    Product Feed Name
    Your Store Name via Aten
    Email(s) For Notifications - Registered Users
    Select an email address
    Email(s) For Notifications - Non-registered Users
    This field is optional
    Send Notifications When Imports Not Received
    We recommend selecting After 1 day
    Archive URL
    Enter your store URL, e.g.
    Select Live - Available to publishers
    Product Search Results and API
    Select your preference; default is Yes - All products should be visible in search
    Publisher Group With Access to Feed Export
    Select your preference; default is All Joined Publishers
    Select Shopping (Google Format)
    Field to Use for Item Level Commissioning
    Select your preference; default is N/A (no item level commissioning)
    Target Country
    Select USD
    Content Language
    Select English
    Data Format
    Select CSV
    Do you use quoted fields?
    Select Yes - I use quotation marks...
    Price Field Currency Format
    Select the common in North America format
    Delivery Methods
    Select CJ SFTP (Post)
  5. Click the Register Feed button
  6. Back on the Feeds page, click the Product List Settings button.
  7. Select Shopping (Google Format) Feeds for the Product List Commissioning Source:
  8. Click the Save button
  9. Check your email for SFTP username and password

Add Feed on our site

  1. On our website, go to My Account > Add Feed
  2. Enter your store name, select the Commission Junction Template, and click Create Feed
  3. Continue to Manage Feed > Modify Settings
  4. Enter your store source settings and the CJ SFTP username and password.
  5. Click "Update" to save your settings.
  6. Click the Submit button from Manage Feed > Submit a Task
  7. Check your e-mail in 1-6 hours to see if processed all the items.