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WholesaleCentral Data Feed

How do I set up a data feed?

We offer a data feed for your store. We recommend that you configure this feed to be uploaded daily to WholesaleCentral. Currently, WholesaleCentral requires you to log into their site and click a button for the feed to be processed. You will have to do this periodically, so we recommend that you bookmark the Submit Feed Page.

  1. Sign into your WholesaleCentral Seller Account.
  2. Click on the EZFeed link.
  3. Click on "Register your store", select "Use store", and enter your store details.
  4. Go back to the EZFeed page, click "FTP Account", and create an FTP username/password.
  5. After you submit your first feed from our system, go to the EZFeed page again, click the Submit New Data Feed link, and click the "SUBMIT DATA FEED" button.
  1. In our site, add a feed using the template.
  2. Enter the necessary settings, including the FTP settings you defined above.
  3. Run a submission from our site.
  4. Check your Wholesalecentral account's 'Submit New Data Feed' page for the status of the submissions.
  5. You must click the "SUBMIT DATA FEED" button on that page for the listings to go live.

If WholesaleCentral is unable to recognize the feed or can not see it uploaded to their FTP, please follow these steps.

  1. Check your registration URL, especially HTTP vs HTTPS, in your WholesaleCentral account.
  2. Update it if needed
  3. Contact WholesaleCentral to verify that they have updated their registration file with the new registration URL. (This step must be done on WholesaleCentral's end.)