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ClixGalore Data Feed

ClixGalore Auto-Upload Settings

Use the instructions below to set up auto-upload of your ClixGalore data feed.

  1. Log into your ClixGalore account.
  2. Go to "Promotional Tools" > "Product Catalog Marketing / Upload Product Datafeed".
  3. Click on the "schedule an auto upload" link.
  4. Enter the following settings:
    • File Source: HTTP
    • Format: clixGalore
    • FTP Server / URL: Look for this URL on the "Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File" page in our site. Add &format=.csv to the end of the URL.
      Example: p400_12345.php? f=clixgalore.csv
    • Ftp Username: leave blank
    • Ftp Password: leave blank
    • Ftp Directory: leave blank
    • Ftp Filename: leave blank
    • Load File At: 2 PM (GMT)
    • Every: 3 days
    • Starting From: 14/07/2024
  5. Click Save Details.
  6. Go to Promotional Tools > Catalog XML/CSV File Definition
  7. In each Element Names, copy over the field name without the leading word "Product". For example, for "Product Name/Title", enter "Name/Title". For "Product Currency", enter "Currency", etc.
  8. Click the Save Details button
  9. Go to Manage Feed > Advanced Settings on our site, and set the Upload by FTP setting to No - Update feed file only.
  10. Under "Manage Feed > Modify Settings" on our site, enter the following settings:
    • FTP Username: leave blank
    • FTP Password: leave blank
    • FTP Server: leave blank
    • File Name: clixgalore.csv
    • Update Frequency: Daily
    • Auto-Skip: Enabled