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Sears Marketplace Data Feed

Sears Marketplace Data Feed

Unfortunately, we do not fully support the Sears Marketplace data feed at this time.

While we have the capability to set up the feed format itself, we would require you to provide us with the exact specifications. Sears Marketplace feeds can be complex, and we do not have the resources to research the specifications for you at this time. There are over 80 attributes just in the general items feed format; most are optional and can be left blank.

You would need to manually prepare a working, tested data feed file with a few sample items that matches the Sears feed specifications. You would have to look up the Sears feed specifications, determine which feed format to use, and rely on their feed support for technical assistance. You can prepare the sample file in spreadsheet software.

Once your sample feed passes their validation checks and is 100% accepted by their system without errors, you would send us the tested file, and then we would set up the mapping in our system so the feed file can be generated automatically for all your products.