Data Feed

How do I set up a Shopzilla data feed?
  1. Log into your Shopzilla Merchant Account
  2. Go to Manage Listings > Submit & Update Your Product Listings Datafeed
  3. Click the blue Submit My Feed button
    1. Select Create a Shopzilla FTP location for me
    2. Set Filename to
    3. Set Unzipped Filename to shopzilla_feed.txt
    4. Click the blue Next button
  4. You will be given an FTP Username and Password. Leave this browser window open for future use.
  5. On our site, go to My Account > Add Feed
  6. Choose the Shopzilla template and click Create Feed
  7. Continue on to the Modify Settings page.
  8. Copy the Username and Password from your Shopzilla Merchant Account into the FTP Username and FTP Password settings on the Manage Feed > Modify Settings page in our site.
  9. Select Daily as the Update Frequency.
  10. Click Update to save the settings.
  11. From the Manage Feed page, click Submit.
  12. Wait for the task to finish processing.
  13. Return to the Shopzilla Merchant Account, and click the Validate button.
  14. You should see a message saying, "SUCCESS! Your Product Data Feed has been updated." Click the link titled Contact your account manager and create a support ticket for Shopzilla to review your feed submission.
How do I set the Shopzilla Category ID?
  1. Log into your Shopzilla Merchant Account.
  2. Open the "Shopzilla Shopping Categories" under "Manage Listings > Specifications & Guidelines"
  3. Note the Category ID that applies to your products.
  4. Log into our system and go to "My Account"
  5. Go to "Manage > Define Fields"
  6. Click "Edit" next to the "Category ID" field.
  7. Enter your Category ID in the "Default Value" box, and click "Update".
  8. Run a submission and check your Shopzilla account.

To set up product-specific category IDs, look for instructions on adding custom fields in our online help.

Do I need your service to upload my data feed to Shopzilla?

No, Shopzilla has an option to import your the XML Export of your Yahoo Store automatically, but you may obtain better results by using our system.

Our system submits in Shopzilla's Standard Submission format. Shopzilla recommends this format for the following reasons:

  • "You can update & resubmit your listings through FTP as regularly as you like."
  • "You can specify the precise category on Shopzilla's site where you want your listings to appear, thus ensuring that your listings are properly categorized."

Furthermore, our system will allow you to correctly map the Manufacturer and UPC fields to your respective catalog fields. Regarding UPC codes, Shopzilla says, "Providing your product's UPC number is one of the single most effective techniques to ensure an optimal display of your product listings in our search results."