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Corporate Presence Websites

Case Study: Transportation Riders United

Transportation Riders United is a 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes transportation mobility in the Greater Detroit area. They had an existing website developed by volunteers, but it was time for a more professional look. Aten Software LLC revamped the website and accomplished the key objectives.

Before: A Hard to Maintain, Static Website

TRU Website Before

The website had many pages of great, textual information, but had numerous limitations. The most serious limitation was that all the content was static. TRU relied on volunteers with technical skills to maintain the content. The overall effect was that the website remained out of date for long periods of time, and many pages of expired content remained in place. After discussion with senior TRU staff, it was decided that the overhaul should have the following key objectives:

  1. Make the content easy to maintain
  2. Create a professional appearance and presence
  3. Allow online donations and registrations

After: A Fresh Look with Easy Administration

TRU Website After

We solved the main problem by moving all the content into a content management system. Through the administration interface, staff and volunteers can now maintain content directly, without need of any technical skills. For the second objective, our designers created a slick new look through a series of layout review cycles. Finally, our HTML experts designed several forms to allow online membership registrations, with Paypal-integration for accepting credit cards.

With our expertise in site design, we were also able to suggest additional features to improve the site. Some of these are listed below.


Four months after launch, the website has been a resounding success. Because it is so easy to use, staff can keep the site much more up-to-date. Online registrations have increased membership by ten percent, and the mailing list has increased to over two thousand addresses.