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Web Design Experience

Aten Software LLC was founded by Shailesh Humbad in 2006. He has been hand-coding websites since 1996. Through solving many business problems for many clients as an independent consultant, he has gained wide and deep experience. He has written numerous articles on web development for his website,, which receives thousands of daily visitors.


Quality Web Design

Website development is challenging. Because of direct experience and a thorough understanding of the issues, we can provide top-to-bottom quality. Our experienced designers can create a professional look tailored for your company. Our websites are browser-compatible for today's users, and standards-compliant for tomorrows. Our attention to detail ensures stable, easy-to-use, and bug-free applications.


Web Design Service

Meeting our clients' needs is our number one priority. We are available by email or phone, and respond in a timely fashion. We make efforts to listen carefully, and speak to you without confusing terminology. To local clients, we can provide on-site service.


Web Design Price

Our two standard pricing modes are hourly and project. For small projects, our hourly rates vary depending on circumstances, such as code-ownership, work complexity, and other terms. For well-defined projects, we will provide a fixed-price quote for your work specification. We can provide a better rate on larger projects.

Core Competencies

Case Studies