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Best, Free Comparison Shopping Engines for Merchants

Unfortunately, there are no longer any free shopping engines for merchants. Previously, Google/Froogle, Bing Shopping, and TheFind allowed merchants to list their products for no cost, resulting in free clicks and visitors to their online stores. However, Google and Bing went to a pay-per-click model, and TheFind was bought out by Facebook and closed. Therefore, we have adapted this list to show the lowest cost shopping engines for merchants.

Nearly-Free Shopping Engines

Google Shopping - Product Listing Ads - Setup Instructions

Google Shopping is the largest and best performing comparison shopping engine (CSE)

Although Google Shopping is no longer free, you can bid as little as $0.01 per click with Product Listing Ads and get great returns. This is by far our most popular shopping feed.

Bing - Rich Captions - Setup Instructions

Bing Ads, by Microsoft, still offers a totally free program called Rich Captions. Your product listings will be used to generate rich captions showing price and availability wherever your items appear in Bing search results. Your product listings will not appear in a separate product search engine (Bing Shopping was closed), or as ads with pictures in Bing search.

Bing - Product Listing Ads - Setup Instructions

Bing Product Listing Ads work similarly to Google Product Listing Ads. The minimum bid for Bing Ads is $0.05 per click, resulting in very low cost clicks compared to other shopping search engines.

Free, but Limited

The following CSEs also offer free listings, but with limitations. These shopping engines tend to be smaller. They may offer meager technical support and limit the number and visibility of your listings unless you opt for paid inclusion.

  1. SortPrice
    A small percentage of your items can be listed for free
  2. Oodle
    You can participate in their free, backfill program.

Note, GoShopping was also free at one time, but is now defunct.

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