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Can I add tracking codes to my product URLs?

Our feeds are pre-configured with tracking codes for Google Analytics. These codes are also compatible with Yahoo Web Analytics and other web analytics software.

Our Google feeds are further pre-configured with settings for the adwords_redirect and adwords_queryparam feed attributes. This allows you to separately track traffic from free Google Shopping listings, paid Product Listing Ads, and paid Product Extension Ads. You can also separate traffic by product target.

Here is a sample product URL with and without tracking codes:

WITHOUT tracking codes:
WITH tracking codes: ?utm_source=googleshopping &utm_medium=cse

You can customize or remove the tracking codes easily by simply editing the Display URL setting on the Manage Feed > Define Fields page. You do not need to change anything in your store catalog.



Tracking Code for Google Analytics and YWA

Updated: February 29, 2020