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How do I change the display URL of my products?

Our feeds include a product URL for each item. You can customize these URLs by changing the Display URL setting in your data feed. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to customize the product links:

  • Add tracking codes for Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics, etc.
  • Use the product URL from a custom field in your store catalog
  • Change the domain name of the URLs
  • Convert a non-www domain to a www domain
  • Add your own, custom tracking codes
  • Convert a file name to a full URL with domain name

To change the setting, please follow the steps below and contact us if you need assistance:

  1. From the Manage Feed > Define Fields page, look for the appropriate Product URL or link field, which will have a Display URL parameter.
  2. Click Edit for the field and follow the instructions on the page.


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Updated: August 3, 2012