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Currency Conversion Add-on for Yahoo Stores

Are you interested in selling your products in Google Shopping for Canada*, the UK, Switzerland, or Australia? If so, then you need the currency conversion add-on for your Yahoo Store.

The currency conversion add-on upgrades your existing Yahoo Store so it can display the product price in a foreign currency, as required by Google Shopping.

The countries listed above can accept your product listings in English, so no content translation is required! As long as you can ship the products to those countries, You can use your product catalog as-is.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Purchase the Currency Conversion Add-on from Y-Times, which starts at $200.00. Submit a request noting that you would like the Currency Conversion Add-on.
  • Purchase our Feed Setup and Optimization for each country.

Y-Times is a Yahoo Store Developer who will configure your templates to support the currency conversion on your website. We will set up a product feed to the requested country.

The Y-Times currency conversion add-on dynamically sets the price on the product page to the local currency when a visitor arrives. It sets a cookie in the visitor's browser so your store continues to show the local currency as they browse your site.

Our feed calculates and submits the pricing in local currency to Google Shopping. It also updates the conversion rate on your website, thereby keeping the pricing in-sync between your website and the feed. Our system uses the latest currency conversion rate from Yahoo Finance.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note, if you are concerned about fraudulent international orders, consider using a fraud prevention service like Threat Metrix to screen out fraudulent orders.

*Note: Product Listing Ads for Canada only appear on, because there is currently no equivalent to Google Shopping in Canada.


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Lasted Updated: August 12, 2020