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What is the Monitoring Service for Google Shopping?

Have confidence that your Google Shopping listings are active with our exclusive feed monitoring service!

Our service will count the number of items actually listed in Google Shopping every day, and send you a detailed email report whenever the number drops below a minimum that you specify.

You may be unaware that hundreds of your items are unlisted because the standard Google Merchant Center notifications do not tell you about disapproved items. Google disapproves items at whim and often without notice, according to their ever-changing policies and enforcement decisions. Be prepared with our monitoring service, which will notify you of disapproved products. See below for a complete feature comparison:

Feature Google Merchant Center
Aten Software
Monitoring Service
Email Frequency Only when feed updated Daily
Email Options Every time or only on error When active listings drop below a minimum you specify
Raw item count No Yes
Filtered item count No Yes
Inserted item count Yes Yes
Processed item count Yes Yes
Disapproved item count No Yes
History No Yes
Download disapproved items No Yes

In addition to notifying you about disapproved items, our monitoring service records all key product counts to enable you to know about and quickly find the source of any listing issues with your feed. You may lose sales when your item listings are not appearing in the search results, so our service can help you reduce lost sales.

Setup is simple. All you need to do is click a button to give us access your Google Merchant Account, and then set the minimum listing count.

Feed monitoring services are only available for feeds submitted via our system.

Feed monitoring settings are entirely separate from Feed Safeguard settings.


Monitoring Service for Google Shopping

Updated: October 5, 2021