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How to set minimum required listings for the Feed Safeguard feature

Each feed has a Minimum Listing Requirement setting that you can set on the Advanced Feed Settings page. By default it is set to zero, and we recommend setting it to around 60-80% of your active listings count.

The Feed Safeguard will email you and stop the feed from being uploaded (or written to the Feed File URL) if the system detects that the number of listings is too low. The purpose of this is to prevent temporary error conditions from causing listings to be inadvertently deleted.

When you receive the email notice, you can either lower the Minimum Required Listings setting to allow a smaller feed to be generated, or you can contact us to troubleshoot the feed.

Here are the detailed steps for enabling or disabling this feature:

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Click Manage for the desired feed.
  3. Make a note of the unfiltered listing count.
  4. Click Advanced Feed Settings.
  5. To enable the Feed Safeguard feature, enter a number in the Minimum Listing Requirement setting that is somewhat less than the unfiltered listing count. You will want to set it low enough such that normal changes to your store do not trigger the safeguard.
  6. If you want to disable the Feed Safeguard feature instead, enter zero in the Minimum Listing Requirement setting.
  7. Click the Update button to save the settings.

Feed Safeguard settings are entirely separate from Feed Monitoring for Google Shopping settings.


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Updated: November 21, 2019