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Facebook Shoptab Data Feed

Shoptab Categories and Facebook Shoptab Data Feed Setup

Our system can generate a Facebook Shoptab data feed from your online store. Follow the instructions below on how to set up your feed using our pre-configured template.

  1. Log into our site and go to My Account > Add Feed, and choose the Shoptab Feed Template
  2. Go to Manage Feed > Modify Settings and configure the store source settings using the Store Source Settings Setup Instructions. FTP settings should be left blank
  3. Go to Manage Feed > Submit a Task and click Refresh
  4. Go to Manage Feed > Download Data Feed File and copy the File URL.
  5. Log into Facebook Shoptab Admin and click on the Data Feed tab.
  6. Paste the File URL into the Url of file box under the Scheduled Updates section.
  7. Add ?f=s.csv to the end of the URL. The final URL will look something like this: p400_12345.php?f=s.csv
  8. Select daily as the Frequency and click the Schedule button.

At this point, you can either do a manual upload of the feed file downloaded from our site, or wait until Shoptab picks up the feed according to their schedule. Check your Shoptab Admin account My Products page to see if your products are listed.

Shoptab Categories Setup

By default, our system will use the merchant-category field from your store catalog as the Shoptab category. If you want to use a different field, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Manage Feed > Define Fields for your Shoptab feed
  2. Click Edit for the category field
  3. Enter the name of another catalog field, e.g. shoptab-category, into the Field Name box, and click Update
  4. Go to Manage Feed > Submit a Task and click the Refresh button to refresh the feed.

Notes and Tips

For best results, we recommend short category names (less than ~20 characters) for your products, because the ShopTab will display the categories in a narrow, vertical menu bar. If you do not have an existing field with suitable categories, we suggest creating a custom field in your store catalog named shoptab-category.

Products in the feed will be sorted by ID and this is not configurable as of yet.

Image hosting is required for Facebook, and we provide this service free of charge. The hosted image URLs take about half an hour to become active. Image hosting will rewrite the URLs so that they all end in JPG. The URLs will be on, and will redirect to the actual images on your site. That will be sufficient for ShopTab.

The Facebook Shoptab feed is similar to, but not exactly the same as the Google Data Feeds. Shoptab may have issues if you try to submit a Google feed directly.