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Step 2: Set up your Store Source Settings

Follow the instructions below for your store platform.


Follow the Bigcommerce API Setup Instructions to allow our system to access your store data.

Yahoo Store

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Store Manager, and click the Search Engines link.
  2. Scroll down to the Enable Store Contents Export section, and select "Enabled" (or "Enable, but do not syndicate") for both objinfo.xml and catalog.xml export formats. Note the URLs labeled "Download:". These end in catalog.xml and objinfo.xml (not .dtd).
  3. If your exports were disabled, then republish your store.

Magento Community and Enterprise, all versions

Refer to the Magento Shopping Feeds Setup Guide.

Magento Go

  1. Add an API user according to the API User Setup Instructions.
  2. On the Manage Feed > Modify Settings page, enter the API URL as follows into the Product Catalog URL setting:
  3. Make sure to replace the bold parts in the above URL with the API username and password that you set up, and the domain of your store.


To give our system access to your store, just follow the instructions to add a feed in Step 3.


Refer to the Volusion Data Feed Setup Instructions.


Follow the AspDotNetStorefront Store Export Installation Instructions to install the export script on your site.