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Administrative Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Accounts are funded in advance, and there is a one-month minimum purchase requirement. Credit balances are forfeited after extended account inactivity. Other than that, there are no hidden fees, maintenance fees, minimum contracts, or cancellation fees. Credit balances are refundable at any time upon request. Setup fees are at your option. See our Billing Notes for details.

How do I submit, upload, or refresh a data feed?

Go to the My Account > Manage Feed page and click the Submit button or Refresh button. A task status page will appear.

You do not have to stay on the page or keep your browser open for the task to complete. Go to Manage > View Results to view the submission history for the feed.

You can also submit the feed by going to My Account > Manage Feed > Submit a Task, and clicking the Submit button.

The Submit task will refresh the product data in the feed before uploading the data feed file to the destination. So there is no need to Refresh before clicking Submit.

Where can I find your terms of service and policies?

Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How do I get my confirmation code after registering my account?

The confirmation code will be automatically emailed to you upon registration. If you do not receive it, use our Resend Confirmation Code page. If that doesn't work, please re-register.

How do I reset or recover a lost or forgotten password?

Please use our Password Reset page.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed online through Paypal or via the Shopify Billing API. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks/EFT payments. You may also mail us a check.

What if I want to cancel my service?

You can stop your submissions at any time. If you want to close your account, we will provide a full refund of any remaining credit in your account (less free trial credit).

What support do I receive?

Included in your service is troubleshooting and technical support support by email. There is also help documentation available on the website.

Will I be charged per submission?

We no longer charge per submission, and have not for many years now. Your monthly feed service fee includes unlimited submissions, so you can submit as often as you wish whether your store has changed or not.

We still maintain an auto-skip feature that can be useful in some circumstances. It cancels submissions if it is sure that your store data has not changed since the last submission. It is recommended to disable auto-skip in most cases.

How do I merge my accounts?

If you have multiple accounts with us that you would like to merge together, please contact us and provide us with the account email addresses of the account(s) you want to deactivate and account you want to keep. We will manually process your request. Feeds, alerts, and credit balances (excluding free trial credits) will be transferred, but not account credit history.

How do I pause, delete, or cancel a data feed?

OPTION 1: Pause or Suspend a Data Feed

To pause a feed, complete these steps:

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Go to Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings
  3. Set the Update Frequency to Never
  4. Click the Update button

Even though the feed is stopped, you will still be charged for 30 days for this feed. (This is because many shopping engines expire your listings after about 30 days.) After that, the fees stop automatically.

You can leave a data feed paused/suspended for at least one year, and usually longer. We typically delete unused feeds over one year only if the account is inactive and the specifications have gone out of date.

OPTION 2: Archive a Data Feed (Suspends Billing Immediately)

If you wish to pause a feed and stop the billing for the feed immediately, please contact us and we can archive your feed by moving it to another account. You would contact us again to move it back into your account.

OPTION 3: Permanently Delete or Cancel a Data Feed

To delete your feed, just go to Manage Feed > Delete Feed and click Delete. All the settings and history for this feed will not be recoverable. (We can manually restore settings from backup, but there may be a fee involved.)

When you delete the feed, the fees stop immediately. Take a screenshot of the Define Fields, Modify Settings, and other pages if you want to delete a feed temporarily, and perhaps add it back later. You would have to manually add it back. You can add/remove feeds at any time.

Merchant Accounts are not Touched

The actions above only stop the product data feed from being submitted to the destination. Pausing, archiving, or deleting a feed does NOT:

  • Remove or delete active product listings from the destination. Listings typically remain active for 30 days from the last feed submission, depending on the channel.
  • Stop any running ad campaigns
  • Cancel or close the merchant account of the destination

The above steps must be completed by you, at your discretion.

Why am I receiving Low Credit Notice emails?

Once your credit balance goes below the notice threshold in your profile (default $8.00), our system emails you periodically to add credit to your account. Once you add credit, the notices will stop being sent.

If you would like to stop receiving reminders without adding credit, change your account status to "Inactive" from the change account status page. You can reactivate your account from the same page in the future.

Accounts are automatically deactivated after 360 days. You can extend the account expiration for an additional 360 days by clicking the link in the notification email you receive prior to the account being deactivated.

To change your low balance notice threshold, simply edit your profile.

Do you support automated monthly billing?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not support automated monthly billing. By not storing your financial information, we keep our system simpler and more secure.

Instead, our system will email you Low Credit Notices once your balance becomes low. Just click the link in the email to add funds to your account. You can configure the low credit notice threshold from your profile.

You can add enough funds to cover any number of months of service. Unused credits are refundable should you choose to close your account.

NEW: We are planning to add automatic payments soon.

Can you send an invoice to add funds to the credit balance?

Instead of a paper or email invoice, we recommend that you go to the Purchase Credit page, enter the amount of credit you wish to purchase, and click the Check Out button to complete the purchase.

This way, the credit will post automatically and almost immediately to your account.

If you need a paid invoice for your records, then you can go to the Account History page and click the Generate PDF Invoice button.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you do not need to create one. After clicking the Checkout with Paypal button, click the Pay by Debit or Credit Card button to Checkout as Guest.

If your email address is registered with Paypal, but you do NOT want to pay by Paypal, click the Pay by Credit Card button at the bottom of the Purchase Credit page for instructions.

If you prefer a PDF invoice by email, then please note that the payment must be posted manually, so it takes a bit more time to process. Just click this Request Email Invoice link and include the amount you wish to purchase in the message.

How do I add a user, email, or alternate login to my account?

Please send us the alternate email address and desired password using our contact form and we can add them as a user. To remove access for a user, please contact us as well. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Alternate logins do not receive emailed announcements or system notices.
  • Alternate logins have full account access. We do not store any credit card information on any of our systems, so that information can not be accessed.

Add an Email address for Notifications, Announcements, etc.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to add an Email address for notifications/emails. We use one email address as a single point of contact. Here are a couple workarounds:

  • Add a mail filter in your e-mail program to forward emails from * to your alternate email address.
  • Set up a group email address, like, and assign the people who should manage the data feeds account to that group. We will email and everyone in that group will receive the emails.

Multi-Client Accounts

Do you need to manage multiple accounts using one login and password? If so, please contact us with your request. We hope to have this feature available in the near future.

FTP Password Reset Instructions for Each Shopping Engine

General Instructions

View Your Feeds

  • Go to My Account on our website. (Log in if prompted.)
  • Feeds are displayed in a table with their current update frequency and last activity date.

Reset Password for a Feed

  • Use the password reset instructions (in the section below) for the specific shopping engine.
  • Go to My Account on our website
  • Click the Manage link in the table of feeds for the feed you are working on.
  • Click the Modify Settings link.
  • Enter the new password in the FTP Password box.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Click the Test Settings for this feed link.
  • Confirm that the Checking FTP Credentials... result is Success

Instructions for each Shopping Engine

Google Shopping

Bing Shopping

  • Go to Bing Ads and log in
  • Click on Tools > Bing Merchant Center from the top menu
  • Click on your store name
  • Click the FTP Settings tab
  • Enter a new password in the Password and Confirm password boxes.
    At least one number and one symbol are required.
    Here is a random one for your convenience:
    It is regenerated each time this page is reloaded.

Connexity (Shopzilla / PriceGrabber)

Connexity does not provide a method for resetting the FTP password without contacting them.


Shareasale does not provide a method for resetting the FTP password without contacting them. However, they restrict uploads by IP address too, so it is safe to do nothing. The only time you may want to contact them to reset the FTP password is if you receive many notifications about unauthorized uploads.

Custom Feeds and Other Shopping Engines

Please contact us if you need assistance resetting the FTP password.

Ecwid / Deluxe Enterprises Google Shopping Feed Store Export
  1. Open Google Chrome web browser (other browsers will NOT work)
  2. Go to
  3. Log in
  4. Click Website Creator under the Web Design section
  5. Click My Add-Ons on the side-bar
  6. Expand the Sell Online section
  7. Click the gear icon on the Online Store image
  8. Select Catalog > Products on the Menu
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the product list
  10. Click the Export All button
  11. Scroll to the middle of the page
  12. Select Comma as the Delimiter
  13. Click the Download CSV file button
  14. A file like products_2019-08-08_14-20.csv will be downloaded to your computer
  15. Rename the file to products.csv
  16. Upload the CSV file to using an FTP client like WinSCP. Overwrite the existing file on the FTP server. The FTP login and password can be found under My Account > Manage Feed > Modify Feed Settings in the Product Catalog URL box.